Driveway Cleaning

jetbusters driveway cleaning

Our high-powered pressure-washers removing moss, lichen and algae from your driveway. We also provide an optional re-surface and sealant solution, to prevent re-growth

Stone Wall Cleaning

jetbusters stonewall cleaning

Stone walls can be notoriously tough to clean. Restoring your stone walls to their former glory will improve the look of your proerty and can even increase its value

Brickwork Cleaning

jetbusters brickwork cleaning

Brick is one of the most durable and beautiful facades in building construction, but even they need the occasional clean. If your brickwork needs cleaning, we can help

Decking Cleaning

jetbusters decking cleaning

Decking is swept and debris is removed between slats prior to cleaning. We will also provide a decking sealant once the work is complete, to keep your decking looking like new

Fence Cleaning

jetbusters fence cleaning

If your garden or outer-perimiter fencing needs cleaning, we are confident that our pressure washing service will bring out the best in your fences

Patio Cleaning

jetbusters patio cleaning

If you have a patio in need of attention, then Jetbusters will help bring the patio back to its original state

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