Fence Cleaning Services

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Regular maintenance ensures that your fences remain sturdy, free of mold and algae, and looking like new. A well-maintained fence will save time and money in the long run, and may even help save a few trees! Our professional cleaning technicians have the knowledge and expertise to clean and re-seal the surface using the correct methods. It is extremely important to use the correct water pressure and to use suitable cleaning agents, and never use hot water, which can lead to damage of the wood fibres.

Our technicians also fully appreciate the importance of the plants and flowers in your garden, which is why our cleaning solutions are not harmful to the environment, and are environmentally-friendly, containing biodegradable additives. A range of pressure washing attachments will also remove any stubborn stains or grime from the wood.

jetbusters fencing sealant

It is paramount during the process, that the wood finish is not ruined, damaging soft fibres. If the fibres get damaged, this normally leads to splinters. Our cleaning technicians are trained to deal with all types of timber. We also offer an optional refinish (re-stain or reseal) service for your fences, which can help maintain or restore its natural beauty.

Jetbusters are able to provide a wide range of cleaning services, with prices starting from just £99+VAT. We use high-powered, commercial-grade pressure washers for fence cleaning in London, Essex, Kent and other parts of the South-East. The equipment we use simply cannot be compared to the cheaper consumer-grade pressure washers available on the high-street. The pressure washers we use harness petrol-powered motors, so it is not necessary for us to request mains power from our customer premises.

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