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The drive is one of the first things you notice when you visit a property, yet it is often neglected. A new driveway can really add value to a property, but constant use means it slowly gets grubby, and after a few years of growth and oil spots, it can look a mess. Materials include concrete, block-paving, cobblestone and asphalt. Routine maintenance generally consists of sweeping with a stiff broom, followed by the application of a weed killer to remove the growth of weed between joints. Any cleaning products should be thoroughly rinsed off, followed by an inspection of any loose sand from paving joints, and a re-application where necessary.

If you find that your driveway has damp, shaded patches, there may be an opportunity for moss and lichen to grow. A propriety treatment available from your local garden store will generally tackle small regions, and should be applied during dry periods, although this can sometimes have a limited effect on the growth.

If your drive has heavy usage, then it will most likely be subjected to the occasional oil spillage. Oil stains are stubborn and can penetrate into the area. If you react quickly, you can often treat these spillages yourself, with good results. A strong detergent can be used to scrub the area, followed by washing away the solution, can often restore the damage. This method is similarly effective for tyre marks. An emulsifying degreaser can be used to treat more stubborn stains, once again carefully washing away after treatment.

Jetbusters provide comprehensive services for driveway cleaning in London, Essex, Kent, and surrounding areas. We also offer an optional re-surfacing and sealant solution, which ensures your drive returns to its former glory, and stays protected from growth between paving joints.

Our powerful pressure washing equipment can easily penetrate the dirt and effortlessly wash away the moss, algae and lichen that may have formed amongst the cracks. We always take care to ensure the loosened detritus is trapped before entering any drainage points, offering protection and prevention of any blockages.

jetbusters driveway cleaning equipment

We use a combination of Mosmatic rotary cleaning equipment and high-pressure lances to restore your driveway to it's former glory. The rotary cleaner is generally used on the first pass to cover a large surface area, and ensures the dislodged detritus is not scattered all across the driveway. On the second pass we then use the high-powered lance to dislodge any small or awkward areas which the rotary cleaner may not have caught. The pressure washer lance is also used for cleaning edges against walls which the rotary cleaner cannot get to.

As part of the comprehensive services we provide, we will also ensure that any adjacent walls, windows or doors are washed down, once the cleaning process is completed. We will check the drainage, gullies and linear channels to ensure they have not become blocked or silted. Once the surface is suitably dry, we can then re-apply the kiln-dried sand wherever it may have come loose between the cracks. If requested, we can provide sealant and treatment services, although our technician will explain that this procedure can only be carried out when the driveway is completely dry. (A return visit may be necessary for the resurfacing and sealant procedure, depending on the weather conditions)

Jetbusters home cleaning services start from just £99+VAT. We use high-powered, commercial-grade pressure washers in London, Essex, Kent and other parts of the South-East. Our equipment simply cannot be compared to the cheaper consumer-grade pressure washers available on the high-street. Our pressure washers utilize petrol-powered motors, so we do not require any mains power from our customers.

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