Decking Cleaning Services

jetbusters deck clean using pressure washers

Great care should be taken when pressure washing decking. We use lower pressures with specialist attachments, allowing the cleaning process to remain effective. Pressure for soft wood like pine differs from harder woods, which can accommodate a higher psi. When we wash decking, we use a fan tip attachment on our pressure washers, and ensure that we do not get the lance too close to the wood surface.

It is important to work with the grain of the wood, by feathering the spraying lengthwise with the deck boards, and slightly overlapping each area. We ensure cleaning is even throughout, with no hot spots.

sealant sprayer

It is paramount during the decking cleaning process, that the wood finish is not ruined, damaging soft wood fibres. If the fibres get damaged, this normally leads to splinters. Our cleaning technicians are professionally trained to deal with all wood types. We also offer an optional sanding and refinish (re-stain or reseal) service, which can help maintain or restore the natural beauty of wood. Our treatment solutions also provide similar levels of protection against warping, splitting and cracking.

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