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jetbusters brick washing

It is very important that the correct pressure rates and equipment attachments are used when cleaning brickwork. The material is designed to perform well under normal weather conditions, as long as it was constructed based on UK standards and regulations. Incorrect usage of pressure washers can blast away mortar and seriously damage the texture of brick, often leaving the surface of the building vulnerable to future water penetration and frost failure.

The various differences in porosity, colour, texture and hardness of clay bricks within a wall will be quickly identified by our professionally trained cleaning technicians prior to carrying out any cleaning operation. We will also determine the condition of mortar joints, and advise our customers of any course of action necessary to protect the brick. For some types of brick work, we employ lower pressure cleaning methods, which can be used to remove dirt deposits, with light brushing using a soft brush attachment. We can also offer additional sealant solutions, to maintain your brickwork, once the cleaning process is completed.

jetbusters brick sealant solutions

Our with prices start from just £99+VAT, and we provide a comprensive range of professional cleaning services. Our pressure washers are used for brick cleaning in London, Essex, Kent and other parts of the South-East. Our vans are completely self-contained, so we do not require any water or electricity feed from our customers.

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